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Hi.. I am Khalil. I love to learn new things every day as I move forward in my life. Sharing with others is my passion and this is what I love to do here!

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ImBatch - Free Batch Image Editor

By KhalilR on September 25, 2023
Imbatch Batch Image Editor

ImBatch is a free Windows based batch image processing software, which you can use on your PC or laptop. A lot of batch image processing tasks are supported like:

  • Crop
  • Resize
  • Rotate
  • Flip
  • Round Corners
  • Watermark
  • Brightness/Contrast
  • Sharpen
  • Invert
  • and many more

It supports a lot of image formats as well and you can also preview the changes before applying them to the images. ImBatch supports Unicode symbols, so it can be localized to any language. ImBatch is FREE for personal usage!

Difference Between a Meme Coin and a Real Coin

By KhalilR on September 24, 2023
Meme Coin
Real Coin

The are a lot of cryptocurrencies available today but not all have real utility. The major differences between meme coins and real coins are:

1. Meme coins are either coins or tokens that get promoted mainly because of their marketing or by social media hype and born out of internet culture.

2. Meme Coins have no real utility or use case but real coins have real-world use cases and utilities.

3. Meme Coin prices are extremely volatile and may lose all their value in a single day, while real coins have relatively stable prices.

Best Free Tools to Create & Extract Compressed Files

By KhalilR on February 28, 2020
Best Free Tools to Create & Extract Compressed Files

In this article I'll tell you about various free tools and software to create and extract compressed files. Compressing files and folders is an easy way to transfer large number of files between different devices, computers and servers in bulk or send them as email attachments.